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Alleviate Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye can range from minor irritation and redness to persistent discomfort that affects your daily life.

In our always-changing Texas climate, we experience a variety of different environmental factors that can exacerbate and impact dry eye symptoms.

Family Vision Center has a solution! Let our team help you find the cause of your dry eyes and determine a suitable treatment for your needs.

The Characteristics of Dry Eye

Each person may experience dry eye differently. Some people may have symptoms that appear once in a while, and others may have a chronic condition. Their symptoms may range from mildly uncomfortable to annoying and distressing.

Dry eye is caused by either aqueous tear deficiency (not enough tear production), or evaporative dry eye (low-quality tear production).

If you have dry eye, you may experience:

  • Stinging or burning sensations
  • Occasional blurred vision, especially up close
  • Scratchy or gritty sensations
  • Stringy mucus, especially in the corners of your eyes
  • Red or irritated eyes
  • Excessively watery eyes
  • Discomfort wearing contact lenses

Your Solution Is in Sight

Family Vision Center is proud to offer several dry eye solutions to meet your particular needs. First, we will determine the cause of your dry eye and go over any lifestyle changes that could encourage more hydrated eyes.

Then, we will recommend the best course of action to get your eyes feeling comfortable once again.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Targeting the glands in your eyelids, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment sends warm waves of broad-spectrum light beneath your skin’s surface to break up oils that have clogged your glands. Encouraging healthy oil flow to your eyes can help reduce how quickly your tears evaporate.

Using natural healing, Prokera products help to reduce inflammation on the eye’s surface, prevent scarring, and promote regenerative healing. Amniotic membrane tissue is a natural source of regenerative properties that have many benefits for our eyes, including promoting healthy tears that can keep your eyes lubricated all day long.

Some cases of dry eye can be resolved with the use of punctal plugs. These tiny devices are inserted into the eye’s tear ducts to prevent tears from leaving the eye’s surface too quickly. Retaining more of your tears means there’s more opportunity for your eye to soak up the healthy hydration.

Resolving Dryness in the Blink of an Eye

Family Vision Center is devoted to helping you enjoy comfortable, clear vision. You don’t have to live with the irritating effects of dry eye any longer. Get started today with a dry eye assessment and eye exam. Book yours now.

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