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Managing Low Vision

Living with vision loss can drastically affect your quality of life, and we know how frustrating it can be to feel like no treatment is working. 

If you have vision loss that can’t be corrected with lenses, surgery, or other medical treatments, you have what’s called low vision. But don’t worry!  Our team has the expertise to help you not only live with low vision, but thrive.

What Is Low Vision? 

Technically speaking, low vision is defined as having visual acuity poorer than 20/70 or a visual field of 20 degrees or less. What this means is that you have a much lower visual range, both centrally and peripherally, compared to the average person.

Low vision can be caused by a variety of factors including:

How We Can Help

Improving our patient’s lives is what we do best. When you visit us with concerns of low vision, we have the knowledge to support you in living your best life, despite your vision problems.

Accessibility Technology

With constant advancements in technology and a variety of resources for those with low vision, we can help you maximize your remaining vision. Some of the technology that we recommend includes:

  • Screen Readers
  • Voice-to-text typing
  • Text magnifiers
  • GPS systems
  • Electronic personal assistants

We can also recommend lifestyle adjustments to make your daily life easier, including:

  • Using contrasting colors to identify items, hazards, or areas in your home
  • Purchasing large print books, clocks, & watches
  • Installing motion-sensing & adjustable lights

Don’t Let Low Vision Stop You  

For many people, having poor vision can be a difficult thing to deal with, but we’re here to prove to you that you can still enjoy all the things you love with a little help!

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