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Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common vision problem that often begins in childhood. Because a child’s visual system is constantly growing and changing, it’s important to keep an eye on how their eyes are developing! 

With regular children’s eye exams, advanced diagnostic technology, a variety of treatment options, and our team’s dedication to improving your child’s eye health, we can help protect your child’s eyes from myopia. 

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What Is Myopia?

Myopia is an eye condition that affects how well your child will be able to see distant objects. If your child has myopia, they’ll have no problem seeing close objects clearly, but objects that are far away may appear blurry. 

Myopia typically occurs when your child’s eyeball grows too long from front to back, but it can also develop if their cornea is curved too steeply. 

Does Your Child Have Myopia?

Any time your child visits us for an eye exam, we’ll check for signs of myopia. Sometimes it can be difficult to notice if your child is experiencing vision issues, but if they have any of the following symptoms, it’s best to bring them in for a visit:

  • Complaints of blurry vision 
  • Squinting to see better
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Complaints of headaches
  • Viewing objects closer than normal

Get Help Managing Myopia

Myopia cannot be reversed or cured, but it can be treated! We offer several myopia control treatments to improve your child’s vision, slow myopia progression, and protect their eyesight. 

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, is a myopia control technique that uses contact lenses designed to slow eye growth. Ortho-K contacts are worn overnight and reshape the cornea during sleep, allowing the patients to see clearly without eyewear during the day.

Multifocal contacts contain multiple prescriptions, allowing the wearer to seamlessly transition between near-vision and distance-vision. Multifocal contact lenses can correct vision while slowing myopic progression.

MiSight contacts have been clinically proven to slow the progression of myopia in children. These contact lenses use a technology that can provide clear vision while also slowing the elongation of the eye to correct myopia.

Atropine eye drops are a type of eye drop that contain low doses of atropine. Atropine can relax your child’s eyes and slightly adjust how they focus, affecting how quickly myopia is able to progress.

If your child is unable to or doesn’t want to wear contact lenses or glasses, atropine treatment is a great option.

Help Your Child Experience Better Vision

Myopia control treatment can help your child see clearly and get back to living their life without the obstacle of poor vision. 

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