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Train Your Eyes to See Better 

Good eyesight is the outcome of a complex visual system built on the connection between the eyes and brain. If something is getting in the way of this connection, it can impede your ability to see clearly and comfortably.

We want your vision to be the best it can be and our team is here to help you and your family see better. Our vision therapies are always personalized to you and include a variety of methods including ocular exercises, training techniques, and technology.

Don’t wait for your vision to get worse before you take action!

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a blanket term used to describe a variety of methods that train the eyes and brain to work better together.

The main goal of vision therapy is to improve the visual skills and abilities we rely on on a daily basis. While anyone can benefit from vision therapy, it is especially effective in children since their visual systems are still developing.  

What Does Visual Therapy Help?

Vision therapy can be useful for anyone experiencing visual system problems. While vision therapy can help numerous issues, common areas include: 

Vision Therapy at Family Vision Center

We utilize numerous techniques and exercises to strengthen the connection between your eyes and brain. 

Brock String

The brock string exercise is great for improving eye coordination. This test uses a long string with colored wooden beads that can be moved along the length of the string. The patient will then have to use their eyes to work together, focusing on each wooden bead at various distances.

Patching is a technique optometrists have been using for decades. This treatment is suited for patients with a weaker eye, like those with amblyopia.

Patching involves covering the stronger eye with a patch, forcing the brain to use the weak eye.

Pencil push-ups treatment is designed to train the eyes to focus at different lengths. In this exercise, the patient will focus on a letter or symbol on a pencil while moving the pencil closer and farther away from their nose.

The goal of this exercise is to keep the pencil clear and single for as long as possible.

The Hart chart exercise includes two charts of letters, numbers, or symbols placed at two different distances. During this exercise, the patients will be asked to shift their focus from one chart to the next while reading the symbols on the chart out loud.

This exercise works to increase the patient’s ability to increase and decrease their focusing on demand.

Barrel cards are two cards, one with red dots and the other with green dots. During this exercise, the patient will place the card against their nose and focus on the dots at varying distances. This exercise is especially useful for patients with strabismus.

Tranaglyphs are red and green targets that have similar but slightly different images. Each eye is presented with a separate image and the brain then has to work to fuse the two separate images into one.

Reap the Benefits of Better Vision

Vision therapy can take your eyesight to the next level! Book an appointment today to see how vision therapy can benefit you.

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